Media Pardazesh Co. commenced its activities in ICT industry by approaching to import the most international valid brands of personal computers and distribution of them throughout of Iran country since 2010.

It’s worthy to mention that within this period, had outstanding performance in a way that about 2 years gained considerable market share and turned to one of the most active and successful companies in this industry.

Although the success of Media Pardazesh in case of gaining the considerable market share was eye catching, the maturity of this company was such that important ICT events in all over the world have been detected in order to bring all prominent evolution’s to Iran ICT industry.

Based on this core competency, the company enabled to have right time decision making and adopted the best policy for any ICT market fluctuation.

Within this period, company made important decision for entering to the smart phones and tablets industry, so furthermore to personal computers, declared itself to be an official LG mobile distributor simultaneously since 2013.

In this way, Media Pardazesh has fast growth by adopting new approach and bench-marking relevant and successful companies to recruit expertise staff.

Process oriented approach, systematical thoughts and strategic planning orientation had crucial roles in enhancing the sales of LG mobile both in qualitative & quantitative manners, and without any hesitation, the greatest outcome for Media pardazesh was turning to be exclusive LG mobile distributor in 2010.

The criteria of strategic planning & decision making of Media Pardazesh top management is based on market research to extract the real needs and requirements of Iranian end-users. One good instance of this is nothing but opening several LG brand shops and special retail caring programs.

Concurrently, in Media Pardazesh, “Growth & consistent development” are permanent part of operational processes of this company via new thoughts, up-to- date performance and intelligent .opportunity recognition
Media Pardazesh always commits to think in excel and act differently beyond Iran mobile norms by goal congruence and adopting new strategies.